Small and medium-sized business owners carry much responsibility on their shoulders. With so much responsibility, many business owners overlook an essential business asset, their brand.

Today I’ve created a list of 10 common mistakes many businesses make in branding. But first, to recap, let’s review what branding is. As the brand strategist and author Marty Neumeier said, “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization.” Our number one goal with branding is to influence our audience’s gut feeling through strategic graphic design, photography, messaging, and copywriting.

Common mistakes:

  1. Ignoring their brand
    One of the biggest branding mistakes…

Branding is a common and essential term used today in the business world. Many people haphazardly throw the word around, at times, leaving many business owners confused and wondering what branding is? Is it a logo? Is it marketing? What is it, and is it even necessary?

My goal in this article is to give you an overview of what branding is. In future articles, I’ll discuss some of the nitty-gritty of branding and how you can apply it to your business.

First, let’s talk about what branding is not.

Branding is not a logo. Your logo is part of your brand identity a logo creation is often…

What are you doing to keep your brand in front of existing customers?
What are you doing to keep your brand in front of existing customers?

Many times we spend so much time thinking about how we can connect with new clients that we forget our existing customers. We need to stay in front of them. After all, it’s much cheaper and easier to sell to existing clients than new ones!

There are many ways to stay in front of your existing customers. I am sharing five ideas to help inspire methods you can implement:

  1. Postcard Mailers Mailing an occasional post card mailer to your customer list can help you stay in front of them. …

Lyndon Gehman

Hi! I’m Lyndon Gehman, a brand identity designer and design coach in PA.

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